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A chic French style wedding

Published by Angélique MEUNIER in Event · 3 March 2020
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A chic French style wedding
Written by Angélique MEUNIER, founder of the agency AM Events & Lifestyle,  
13th February, 2020
           France is one of the most romantic countries in the world and offers so many different beautiful and unique places where brides and grooms can get married. Plus, every season is unique and can create a very special atmosphere depending on where you are.
           So that you can have an overview of the different possibilities, the AM EVENTS & LIFESTYLE agency has planned a chic French style wedding in the Beaujolais region at Château de Chavagneux, (a Frerejean family’s property).

This photo shoot highlights the French excellence, the French savoir-faire through very talented wedding vendors as well as the attention to detail to create a polished experience for a discerning international clientele. The aim is to create a unique bespoke French experience with a high level of requirements.


(Credit: Sylvain Bouzat)

Wedding accessories are very important to the whole ensemble for your wedding day. They contribute to the final result.

(Credit: Sylvain Bouzat)

Finally, the wedding decor plays important role in the success of your big day so make sure to create a wedding table that fits the theme of your wedding.
 Here, we have created a very chic and sophisticated wedding table with candles and fresh flowers as centerpiece.

Feel free to visit our fall wedding inspiration featured on the French Wedding Style blog to see one of our photo shoot that we produced last fall at the fabulous Château de Chavagneux (Frerejean family’s property).
           You can also see our beautiful photo collection on PartySlate.
           The Agency AM Events & Lifestyle, founded by Angélique MEUNIER, a luxury wedding planner and a high-end event producer, combines the luxury and the French elegance with the magnificence and the American savoir-faire.
Are you getting married? Do you want to plan a large-scale event? Do you plan to organize a celebration of your union abroad?
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